I Timothy 4:12-16

On the Right Path?

Hung Ling and the Bible College students are on the path to a village in Myanmar that has never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Even though the path is not marked, they are careful to make sure they are walking down the path that leads to the village where they wish to share the Good News.
The wise person is careful to choose the right path each day.  One must never forget that “every path has a destination” and “every choice has a consequence.”  In the book of Proverbs, we are instructed often to be careful about the choices and decisions we make each day.  So the wise person would consider these questions daily.
     Is this “path” in line with the Word of God?
     Is this “path” one which will honor God?
     Is this “path” consistent with what I have been taught about God's way?
     Is this “path” one that will bring joy and blessing in my life?
     Is this “path” really the way I want to go today?
Here’s a key question - Will I be happy when I get where this path is leading? It is wise to check one’s path often.  Which paths are you following today?