Exodus 20:3

No Other Gods

We are instructed in Scripture to be very careful about who or what has first place in our life. 

Around the world, mankind chooses to worship idols, trees, animals, rocks, and even people.  The worshiping of these “idols” does not refresh the soul or bring peace to the mind. Idol worship does not lead to the blessings of God to one’s life or the promise of eternal life in Christ.

In a culture of abundance, God has been replaced by pleasure, money, possessions, self, and much more.  It is when someone or something becomes more important than God and His Word that these things are “idols,” and they become first in one’s life.  When God is not first, as we read about in Psalm 106, people choose to do unbelievable things in response to human desires and lusts.

In Matthew 22:37-40, Jesus gives the answer to what is most important in life, or who should be first.  Maintaining a vital relationship with our Lord is the great key to life and living.  When God is no longer first and His Word is replaced with other pursuits, one is worshiping “other gods” which is the pathway of regret, trouble, and bondage.

One should examine their life regularly in light of God’s Word (Psalm 139:23-24) to make sure someone or something is not becoming more important than God.