Ephesians 1:15-23

The Invisible You Shows Up Daily

Just as these children in Zambia hold the results of what was planted in the ground, we enjoy or labor daily in what we allow to control our “inner” person.  It is healthy and profitable to check the “inner person” daily for thoughts, ideas, desires, burdens, and all that is allowed to stay in the “heart.”

The invisible is where much of daily life is generated and the “inner person” is easily changed.  We are often reminded of the importance of the heart in Scripture, and the Apostle Paul makes this a major part of his prayer for the believers as he states in Ephesians 3. 

Discouragement, depression, worry, and fear often control and contaminate one’s life because the wrong thoughts are allowed to linger in the heart.  We are so determined to change the external things in our life that we ignore what is going on “inside” which really makes the difference.  Careful examination and change of that which we allow to dominate our heart is of utmost importance for the life of joy and victory that is promised in our Lord.

“Our way of seeing determines what we find.”  Henry Cloud