Rest and Courage for My Soul

As I open the door to a new day, the sunshine is peaking through the trees, reminding me again that God is all-powerful. He who created and maintains this world is interested in me and wants to lead, bless, and sustain me. The tendency of the human soul is to slip into yesterday and pick up the heavy burdens of life that we laid down as we crawled into bed for a few hours of rest.  But wait! My Lord does not want me to pick up the burdens. Rather He wants me to give them to Him. Why should I try again to carry burdens from yesterday and the days before?

Burdens weigh so heavily on my mind, soul, and physical body. Like a child trying to lift a heavy sack, I try again and again to lift and carry the burdens. My Lord speaks, "Oh my child, this is more than you can bear. Give it to me, and I will carry it for you by sustaining and granting you grace, strength, wisdom. and joy in your journey."

The challenges and mountains are a part of life. Without them the soul would slip into ease and self-pursuits. Yes, the path today may seem unpleasant, difficult, challenging, and even hurtful to this pilgrim; but God has promised to be with me and give all that I need to face and walk through this day.

With the promises and presence of God, I walk into this new day with confidence and joy sustained by Almighty God.
Psalm 55:22, II Corinthians 12:9, Matthew 11:28-29