Wisdom from Above

James 3:13-18

Each day we make decisions and choices that have a great impact on our life and on others.  We must be cautious, prayerful, and obedient to Scripture so that these decisions are based on heavenly wisdom.  In our passage for today, earthly wisdom is defined by “bitter, envying, strife” and ends up in “confusion and every evil work.”

To make decisions and choices based on earthly wisdom is to create problems, regret, and disaster.  For this “earthly wisdom” is just that—it is based on worldly philosophies, responses of anger, and revenge, and often the intention is to make one’s self look good.

On the other hand when a believer responds with heavenly wisdom, it is demonstrated by “good conversation (lifestyle) with meekness of wisdom.”  So we can examine reactions to discover if they are based on heavenly or earthly wisdom.  The results are proofs of where the decisions are based.

For more instructions on heavenly wisdom, it is wise to read one chapter of Proverbs each day. It is wise then to continue through the book one chapter each day. The reading and application of the Word establishes a foundation of heavenly wisdom for the daily decisions and choices.