The Bible is God’s Word

Psalm 119:81-105

We must be careful to follow and obey the Bible as it is God’s Word.  Many believers are slipping away from the truths of God’s Word and replacing them with what feels good and is comfortable.

The believer must be diligent to know and obey the Bible in every aspect of life.  The trap that many believers are stepping into is just to give heed to their favorite portions of Scripture and ignore the rest.  This kind of action soothes the mind and heart just enough for a casual obedience to the Word. When this happens, the believer slowly slips away from Biblical guidelines and living the life that God desires.

We must give more than a few moments of our time to reading, understanding, and obeying the Bible.  This response must be a lifestyle of an effective and obedient believer.  It is not how many facts we know about the Bible but what we are applying to our life in obedience to the Word that makes the real difference.