Proverbs 27:1, 3:5-6, 16:3; Ephesians 4:15-21

It is with thanks to God (James 1:17) that we begin another day.  We plan and anticipate all that is to take place in this day.  However, it is a great temptation to procrastinate and put things off until later that should be done today.

Although we surely cannot do everything today, it is wise to live this day to the fullest, praying and trusting God as we commit all our works to Him (Proverbs 16:3).  We are doing this so that we will not put off to a later day things that we should do today.

Maybe we should

  1. Send a thank you note to a friend
  2. Visit someone in need
  3. Make things right with a friend or family member
  4. Pay off an old debt to a friend
  5. Do that favor you promised a long time ago

Yes, tomorrow may come, but we should wisely and obediently invest our time/life today in the things that God impresses on our mind and heart.  Someone well said, “Send flowers while people can small them.”  Don’t think that there is always another day.