Sowing is Important

I Kings 11:1-43, Galatians 6:7-8

These children in Zambia know that it is important to plant the crop that they wish to harvest and then to daily care for the garden.

Everyone knows that they cannot plant one thing and expect to get something else at the time of harvest.  The law of the harvest is that what you plant is what you get. 

In our passage today, King Solomon decided that he would disobey the commands and instructions of God, and in so doing, his heart was turned away from God.  He then was involved in heathen and idol worship because he decided not to follow God’s instructions.

God has given us the Bible with guidelines, warnings, instructions, and commands so that we could live a blessed, happy and productive life.  But it is our decision daily to obey God’s Word that determines the seeds we are planting in our life garden.

So it is important that each day we live in a vital relationship with God and follow His Word in every aspect of our life because we will reap the results of what we do.