Motives Matter

Matthew 6:1-18

Each day we make many choices and decisions and respond to a multitude of people and situations.  One of the major issues that we must consider and deal with is our motives.  Why are we responding or speaking as we are?  What is behind our action? 

Motives are the underlying reasons and purposes for our words and actions.  In our passage for today, Jesus teaches us not to give, pray, or fast so that others will think that we are super spiritual.  It is not that we are to be secretive in all we do, but we are not to seek for the approval and praise of others.  These actions lead to . . .

  1. Doing things with wrong heart
  2. Anger when not praised
  3. Trying to be first and most important
  4. Competition and comparison

The careful care of one’s heart (inner person) is so important, for “as a person thinks in his heart, so is he.” (Proverbs 23:7)  Why we do what we do does matter.  Motives must be checked often.