This Matter is Really Important

Proverbs 15:1,2,4,7,14,23,28

Words that we speak must really be important as our passage today gives instruction about speaking at least 7 times.  Each day we give a great deal of our energy and time to talking.  It is Biblical and wise to

  1. Think before we speak
  2. Speak the truth
  3. Speak encouraging words
  4. Speak words that honor God
  5. Speak words that we will not regret
  6. Speak words that help and lift others
  7. Be careful not to draw attention to self
  8. Speak as an obedient instrument in God’s hand and as He directs

In just a few hours, we will have spoken thousands of words.  Our goal should be to speak words that are kind, honest, helpful, wise, and honoring to God.