Trust God and Keep Going

Prov. 3:5-6, 16:3, Ps.23, Rom. 8:28

As we begin another day of our life journey we have the option to trust God or try to work everything out for ourselves.  To not trust God is to open the door of frustration, worry and great anxiety.  It is with faith and trust that we give ourselves to God and trust Him in all the events of this day that He knows best.  This does not mean that we should be uncaring and unwise in our actions but we should:

Give thanks for everything: I Thess. 5:18
Commit our works to Him. Prov. 16:3
Be thankful for His grace: II Cor. 12:9
Trust God in all things. Rom. 8:28
Determine to be obedient to the Word.  Prov. 3;5-6
Go on in the joy of the Lord.  Neh. 8:10

What a great joy to know that our Lord is concerned about every detail and step of this day.  Trust Him and move on as light in a dark world for in a few hours this day will be over.