Think Before You Speak

Proverbs 29:11,20; James 3:1-12

One of the great challenges daily is giving of one’s opinion and speaking without thinking carefully about what we are saying.  This then often leads to regret, hurt, and trouble.  It is a basic temptation to give one’s thoughts quickly in general conversation not carefully thinking how it sounds at the moment.  Then, after some time has elapsed and we carefully think it through, we can see the whole situation from another point of view, and we wish our words had never been spoken.

Often the quick and opinionated words bring embarrassment and hurt.  It is in these moments that one speaks words of sarcasm in which they desire to make a point but do not want to speak exactly what they are thinking.  So it is better to be cautious and think it over before speaking lest we hurt and embarrass others in our desire to add to the conversation.