Getting More out of Church

Romans 8:29, Ephesians 2:1-10, II Corinthians 4:7

Many gather for church in Zambia, Africa.  Let’s be sure we are attending for a good reason.

Just as a parent teaches, guides, and disciplines a child, so God does with those who have opened their heart and life to His presence.  God is moving, directing, and showing His children things in their life that need to be changed and added according to His Word, and He is teaching a way for a life of meaning and significance.  In this leading, God uses many avenues to get His message to believers.  It could be in the teaching and preaching of His Word, songs, encounters with others, or words of encouragement.  God is not limited to what He might use to teach, guide, and lead believers to areas He wants to change in obedience to the Bible.

Let’s make church attendance more than just an event we always do on Sunday and be ready to obey the leading and guidance of God today.