I Will Make a Difference

Psalm 19:7-14, I Corinthians 10:31

It is so easy to get wrapped up in what we call the “daily grind” of life that we often miss out on the multiple opportunities to make a difference.  We can make a great difference in the . . .

  1. Words we speak
  2. Responses we give to people and situations
  3. Attitudes we display throughout the day
  4. Investments we make in others
  5. General conduct and behavior of our life

God will send us many places today to be His voice and hand to make a difference.  Think about all the areas of life and people that you will impact and influence today and commit to obeying God and making a difference.

Life is made up of complex and quick opportunities where we can be a godly influence.  Make a commitment to really make a difference today.  Decide now that you make a difference and decide now what that difference will be and have a great day making a godly difference.