Pray - Wait - Trust - Obey

Matthew 6:5-15, Luke 18:27, Isaiah 40:31, Proverbs 16:3

The African Encounter team members set aside time to pray and wait in the presence of God. 

Prayer is essential to a life of significance and meaning, but many believers are too busy with other details of life so there is little or no time for prayer.  The Scriptures clearly teach the importance and possibilities that await the obedient and praying follower of Christ.  Yet many times, one’s prayers are just emergency needs and wants.

Yes prayer takes time, but what better way to invest the valuable moments of one’s day?  Waiting in the presence of God with a thankful spirit and bringing our needs and desires to him as we seek His leading and guidance for our life give direction and wisdom for each day.

 Prayer is . . .

  1. Taking time in the presence of God.
  2. Seeking His face and His ways.
  3. Committing your life, ways, and work to Him.
  4. Asking for wisdom.
  5. Reading and waiting in His Word.
  6. Following the instructions of the Word.
  7. Trusting God in all things.

Daily waiting in the presence of God and committing our ways to Him with a heartfelt desire to obey His leading open the door to a powerful and effective life each day. 

Don’t forget to pray…