Follow the Right Directions

Proverbs 16:3, James 3:13-18

Each day we make plans and follow our to-do list.  As a believer we have the joy of bringing our projects and thoughts to God.  Our Scripture for today reminds us that He will mold the obedient heart to His will and way.

Often we make our plans and start on a certain course of action before praying or waiting on the Lord, and then wonder why we are having problems.  In these times many a Christian has become upset with the Lord.  However, the truth is that they just had a plan that looked good, but they did not “commit” it to the Lord.

Although it is true that one does not hear audible instructions from God, a heart and life set on obedience to the Word and waiting in the presence of God sets the stage for God’s blessings.  So the first step is to be walking and living in obedience to the Word of God.  Secondly, bring the idea and plan to God in prayer and being willing to obey. 

The heart, mind, and life walking in obedience to the Word and resting in the moving of God can bring their plans to God joyfully as God works in their life.