Prayer Makes a Difference

Colossians 1:9-14

We are often are so concerned about our own needs and challenges that praying for and with others is left undone.  It is a great encouragement to others when we take time to pray with them concerning needs that they are facing each day.

The Apostle Paul gives us a good example in his letters with his diligence to pray for those to whom he was writing.  He was careful to pray for their well-being, spiritual strength, growth, the presence of God in their life, and their daily walk as a believer.  He also encouraged the people by thanking God for their partnership in the cause of Christ.

On your life journey today, invest time to pray with those that God brings into your life.  Praying for and with others brings great joy and blessing to the hurting soul.  Be sensitive to the leading of the Spirit of God to take time to pray with those in need today.

Check out James 5:13-15 and be ready today to pray with those in need.