Time to Pray

Psalm 145:1-21

It is always a joy when we can talk with good friends and share the challenges and blessings of life.  When you know someone really understands, it gives encouragement and blessing.
As more than a friend, God hears and is concerned about our challenges and struggles.  Not only is He concerned, but He answers our prayers.  Unfortunately many believers are too busy to pray and talk with God about their needs and struggles.  Some may even question whether God hears and answers prayer. But the faithful and obedient believer knows of God’s answers in . . .
1.    Providing and leading just as we have prayed.
2.    Refreshing one’s spirit with Biblical truth that answers our questions.
3.    Giving peace of heart that can only come from God.
4.    Providing His grace, God’s power flowing through us so we can live beyond ourselves. (I Corinthians12:1-10)

Yes, God does answer prayer.  The healthy believer rejoices in bringing their requests and needs to Him and continues on in life to obey and praise the Lord.  The song writer had a good question, “When you left your room this morning, did you think to pray?”