Caring and Sharing

It is a great joy to share with those who are in need and to be an instrument in God’s hand to help someone.  However, many times we are so consumed with our own wants, needs, and desires that sharing with others is not even a thought.  Gathering things for ourselves, we hurriedly pass by those that God would have us help.

Each day we should be alert to the leading of God to share with others. Great blessings come when we are an instrument in the hand of God to show His love and concern for those in need.  One of the great teachings of Scripture is being a good steward of what God has given, since “every good and perfect gift is from God.”  Generally the path of life encounters different people each day, and we should be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit in our daily walk lest we miss out on opportunities to bless those in need.

Being an instrument in God’s hand to help others brings great joy to the soul and makes a great difference to those in need.