A Great Habit

Proverbs 11

There are many helpful tools for a daily quiet time that helps one center their thoughts on the way and will of God.  Along with these tools, it is a powerful discipline to read a chapter of Proverbs each day.  Simply read the chapter that corresponds to the day of the month, and you will read through the book each month.  As one does this day after day, the truths of God’s Word are lodged in the mind and heart to give godly wisdom for each day.

As you read through Proverbs it is good to:

  1. Note verses that the Spirit of God draws your mind to consider.
  2. Make commitments as you learn from the Word.
  3. Write in a journal the spiritual insights that are on your mind.
  4. Select a verse to memorize.
  5. Determine how you will live out the truths that you have just read.

Reading a chapter of Proverbs each day will give spiritual nourishment, wisdom, and godly instruction for life and living.  It is a great habit to establish in your life.