The Best Exercise

I Chronicles 16:7-34, Psalm 100:1-5, James 1:17

Being thankful to God for blessings, provisions, protection, direction, grace, strength, life, and even a soccer ball is the best exercise. Being thankful directs one to think on the good and cultivate a positive and grateful attitude.  When one is not thankful, they tend to focus on the difficult and bad. 

If one is not thankful and just takes life and all the blessings for granted, they will live in discontent and discouragement, which leads to grumbling and complaining as their focus is on the “cup of life being half empty instead of half full.”  Just think . . . you have clean water, food to eat, a roof over your head, friends, family, health, transportation, money, and that is only the beginning.

“Give thanks with a grateful heart.  Give thanks to the Lord.  For all your blessings, give thanks!”