Hasty Words = Problems

Proverbs 29:11,20; 25:11; 21:23; 15:1

It is easy to let unwise or unnecessary words slip from our lips. The activity that we most engage in daily is talking, and we are instructed in Scripture to be cautious.  It is our tendency to talk too much, too often, too quickly, and to say wrong things.

People are embarrassed, injured, and even destroyed by quick, unwise, and unfair words.  Words that are not accurate and carefully thought through often create problems and damage that cannot be erased. Caution is always the great concern when speaking.  We should ask: Does this please God? Is it necessary to say? Are these words true?  Will what I am saying be a help?   Is my motive right for what I am saying?

Words come quickly and stay so long.  It is wise to be thoughtful, cautious, kind, and helpful when we speak.