Being Friendly & Kind

Proverbs 17:17, Philippians 2:15-18, Acts 20:35

Friendship and kindness are a valuable part of life.  Just as these children in Myanmar are glad to be together and encourage one another, we should do the same.

The song writer well said “Others Lord yes others, let this motto be.”  This attitude represents a heart set on being the instrument of God to bring joy and blessing to others.  Often we are so busy with the details of our own desires that we miss or neglect taking time and energy to help others.  Blessed with more things than we possibly need or could use, it is easy to forget others.

Think for a moment of the people in “your world” that need a friend or an act of kindness.  Maybe it is an older person who desires someone to talk to or take them to the grocery store.  Possibly there is one that is in great need, and you have the resources to help in their need.  There are so many simple ways that we can reach out to be friendly and kind.

It is a great blessing and joy to be God’s hand of love or provision to another.  In the hurry and busyness of today, take time to invest in or help a person in need.