Be Honest & Obedient

Proverbs 28:13, I John 1:9, Romans 6:12-14

God uses His Word to bring attention to sins in our life that need to be confessed and forsaken.  However, often we read the Word and ignore the convicting insight of the Holy Spirit as He reveals areas of our life that need to be changed.  Either refusal to admit and deal with the sin or fear of the possible results of admitting and dealing with the sin cause one to hide or cover the sin.

It is the work of God to reveal areas of our life that are sin.  When these sins are revealed, it is vitally important to spiritual growth that one deals with areas which God has reminded that are in violation to the Word.  Many times we respond to these sins by making excuses or blaming others instead of facing the sins, confessing them, and being free from the bondage that sins have created.

Careful examination and complete obedience to the Word are critically important to God’s cleansing and empowering.  Victory is in honestly dealing with sins that God brings to our attention as we carefully read His Word.

James 1:22