Don’t Fear; Take Heart

Psalm 27:1-14

Often life seems like a small boat on a giant sea, and we are tossed to and fro.  The events and encounters of daily life are challenging, and we wonder if we are going to make it through the day. 

The psalmist David seemed to express these feelings in our Scripture for today and reminds us that we can find rest, peace, protection, and strength in the Lord.  Notice some of the reminders in this passage.

  1. We need not fear when trusting in the Lord.
  2. The Lord has promised to give us strength.
  3. God knows all about our enemies.
  4. In trouble, God will hide us.
  5. God hears and answers prayer.
  6. God will teach and lead me as I seek His face.
  7. God gives strength I need in times of trouble.
  8. Take courage, God will strengthen your heart (inner person).

Our little life boat on the great sea of life is guided and protected by our God.  So as the song writer reminds, “trust and obey, for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus but to trust and obey.”