Check Your Path Often

Proverbs 22:3-5, 17-19

As the African Encounter team sets out for ministry, they are careful to choose the right road.  No one would start on a journey without knowing and checking their path regularly.

Often we say, “watch where you are going" or “watch your step” which are good instructions to follow or we may stumble and fall.  It is also wise to check what we are doing each day as our actions, conduct, behavior are leading us down a path.  If needed, we should make necessary changes so we do not end up with trouble and heartache.

It is vitally important that we listen and obey the Words of Scripture in order to keep our life on the right path.  To take our mind and heart off the path is to end up where we wished not to go.  Careful and obedient guiding of our life is of critical importance.
Remember . . .

  • Every step is leading you some place.
  • Every choice has a result or consequence.
  • Every decision has an outcome.

It is impossible to have a good life if one does not check their steps regularly.  (Galatians 6:7-8)