Moments in Ministry - Stories from the ERM Singers' Fall Tour

Below is a collection of stories of how God had worked in the lives of some of our team members during their Fall 2014 tour.

“Some of us on the team were visiting a coffee shop in the area when I met an older gentleman named Fred. He asked about who our group was and could tell that we were Christians because of how we behaved and because ‘a joyful spirit is an attribute that only comes from the Lord.’ Wow! He then continued to encourage me with his testimony. I want to be like Fred - never afraid to share about the greatness of my God!”
— Sarah Stenson
“I really saw God working at one of the nursing homes we ministered at. Despite technical difficulties that day, one of the residents was especially blessed by the team’s singing and began showing positive improvement, interacting more with others. It’s amazing how God-glorifying music can encourage the souls of others like that.”
— Alex Landers
“I had a lengthy discussion with a small group teen girl last year about the importance of baptism. I met her again during our fall tour and she was filled with joy to tell me that she recently got baptized. She thanked me for helping and taking the time to explain it to her.”
— Sarah DeCrotie
“One way I saw God working was when I noticed that my host-sister began personally reading her Bible because she saw me doing it. It’s so humbling to realize the impact your example can have.”
— Alyssa Tumia
“During the Fall tour, I was really encouraged by the generosity of the people we met and stayed with. I was also able to help encourage my host-family’s kids to pursue a daily quiet time in the Bible.”
— Norris Thompson
“During our week of meetings at one of the churches this past Fall, I noticed that my hostbrother’s attitude and behavior with his
parents really improved as the week went on. I was able to see first-hand how God uses the ministries of Encounter to strengthen families. I’m blessed to be a part of it.”
— Cameron Nyhoff
“One of my host-families in Indiana was so welcoming and treated me like I was their own child. In just getting to know them over a week, I was able to encourage them and they encouraged me in return. It’s so great to be able to build edifying relationships with other believers at the churches we visit.”
— Gloria Colaprete