No Water!

When we arrived at the village, all of the students lined up and prepared for a special presentation for the visiting Americans. The village people came for this meeting under the big trees. They knew the visitors were bringing medical supply gifts for the little clinic where the shelves were empty. The students shared a drama which focused on the dangers of drinking contaminated water. Village leaders prepared kind words of thankfulness for the much-needed medical supplies in this place so far away from the big city that no one really seemed to care about the medical needs.

It was near the end of the special gathering that one of the village leaders looked toward us and stated their most desperate need and request. “We have no water, can you help”?  

The entire village had no clean, safe water. The only water was a small, contaminated muddy stream. NO WATER in the medical clinic, school or the homes. No fresh, clean water at all.

“Could you help us”? he pleaded and sat down.

Soon the gathering was over. Our tour of the village, school and medical clinic ended, and we were on our way to the next opportunity.

That place is Chilabula in Zambia, Africa. They still do not have fresh water, and because they are drinking contaminated water, all of the medications we gave them are gone.

Think about it! No water for a drink; no water to cook or even to take a bath. NO WATER!

Yes, I know there are many villages around the world with no water, and it is tragic. However, I was at Chilabula. I saw the people. I saw the little children who need a drink. I saw the nurse helping people with no water. I saw a school principal sending children home early from school because they had no water.

The place is CHILABULA, ZAMBIA; a small village in urgent need of water.