New Buffalo Alliance Church

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The team was very encouraged to be in Josh Simmons’ home church for the better part of a week, fellowshipping with and ministering to the church family in New Buffalo, PA. It was an awesome week, and the church is well loved by many a team member. Sunday night was an exciting time for the team as they enjoyed the hospitality of the Frymoyer family, who opened their home for the team to come and have an activity with the church's youth-group and their host families. It was a delight to have the time to get to know the youth group members better, to have fun through games and water-sliding—a muddy but extremely exhilarating experience to those who participated—and to have a relaxing evening with church family. Each day before service, we had the chance once again to have necessary rehearsal time with Philip Drake, allowing the team to continue to polish their songs that they might more effectively minister through song. Then the team had the chance to use those songs to minister to the church body. Night services in New Buffalo were a pleasure, and each night seemed to carry with it a special blessing of its own—whether kids, teens or adult ministry. Glory to God for His work in our hearts each and every day. click on the following link to see photos from New Buffalo: [url][/url]

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